Dungeon of the Goblin King is a 3D turn based  roguelike that focuses on stealth mechanics. The game was developed during the 7 day roguelike challenge 2019.

The game can be played in browser, but it is highly recommended to download the desktop version to get the intended visual experience.

The Goblin King has captured you and left you to rot in his prison. Luckily they forgot to lock your cell door. You have decided to get your revenge by killing the King and escaping the goblin fortress. You can extinguish light sources to remain hidden, throw items to distract guards and then backstab them.

How to play

The game is turn based. Use mouse to look and WASD or arrow keys to move. You can attack creatures by moving towards them. You can interact with objects by pressing space.

After gaining enough experience points, you level up and get a perk point. Perk points can be used to buy various upgrades. The blue gem at the botton shows how visible you are and the piece of meat represents your hunger. Once the meat is gone, you are starving.

You can equip any item in either hand. Using two weapons instead of shields gives you better damage, but leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks. Some weapons do better damage when thrown.

I - Show inventory and equipment
P - Perk tree
Space - Interact with objects
Shift or Z - Wait one turn
Left click - Throw item on left hand
Right click - Throw item on right hand
F - Push object away
Q - Peek left
E - Peek right

Moving towards an impassable object for one second allows you to peek over it, which makes picking up items easier.

Source code | Development blog


GoblinKing_win64.zip 29 MB
GoblinKing_linux64.tar.gz 33 MB


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Pretty cool! Overall a pretty fun rogue-lite, if a bit short and challenging at the start. The King himself felt like a letdown, with how that golden armor didn't seem to help him that much, and how his guards (who hold the strongest melee weapon in the game, yet keel over with a few flicks of a spear) seemed moderately more challenging than him.

Thank you for your feedback. The ending was a bit rushed because we ran out of time and some items could have been balanced better, but I'm glad you still enjoyed the game.

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Yeah, it'd be cool if you guys made an expanded version! It kinda reminds me of a Roguelike on Steam, called WazHack. That one is third-person and has a lot more stuff, though. But I love the unique experience DotGK gives!


Loved the game, love games like this. Will definitely be playing more of it on my own time and try to beat it =D small gameplay of it though =D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=472tUMrpRXg&feature=youtu.be


I have just seen a video of this nice game on the channel of Rogueliker.


Just spent the last hour or two playing and had a great time. Thanks for sharing!

Cool game to play even thought i've had some trouble to start playing! keep up the work 

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i can't even get out of the jail cell when you start the game

Did you try pressing spacebar while looking at the cell door?


Enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this game. The mechanics are simple (albeit a little tricky at first) and combat surprisingly fluid for a turn based game. I definitely enjoyed what I have seen of it so far and hope that this project gets updated (even though you could already call it finished. Keep it up Teamkalamakkara!