Crypt of Grimwin is a 7 day roguelike challenge entry.

You play as spirit who was cursed by one of your relatives of the Grimwin family. Find the one who cursed you and get your revenge.

The game focuses on the player character's possessing ability and utilizing different bodies efficiently in puzzles and fights.

The development blog can be found at Team Kalamakkara website. The source code is hosted at GitLab.

The game is best played in fullscreen mode in website. Fullscreen mode can be activated from the button in the lower right corner.


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I can only see part of the game, maybe the middle half of the screen. Same in fullscreen. Chrome on OSX. The intro screen and introductory text/choices are cut off on all four sides. in the game proper, I can't see the whole starting area, mostly cut off on the bottom.

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Seems like this is because the canvas is much wider/taller (2400x1600) than the iframe containing it (1200x800)

Fix from tomtl on the Rogue Temple forums, apply this style to the canvas element:

transform: scale(0.5);
transform-origin: top;

This is a really neat concept!

And the story is compelling to boot.

I must have my revenge!